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It's perfect if you have a video of a game (instant replay, highlights, etc.), a clip of a concert or sports game, commercial that needs to be paced and looped, etc. With all these options, you can have a nice looking video of your clips. Fliptrack Professional Fliptrack is like Google Sheets for video. You can quickly edit a video and easily update the keyframes. It's perfect if you want to edit more than one video at once. You can combine any number of videos, create stills from the videos, split and join clips with ease, and much more. It's like having a bunch of editors at your fingertips. I would also recommend Fliptrack for importing videos. It's pretty intuitive, and you can edit a bunch of clips in about 5 minutes. It supports both audio and video, so it's perfect for importing clips that you want to edit. PicLab Video PicLab has a lot of features, but what is best about it is its simplicity. You can easily trim, cut, join and add effects to your clips in just a few steps. PicLab is for amateur videos, and the effect is only visual. You can cut, join, and apply some basic effects to your clips. If you want to create a professional video, you will need to do it in Premiere or Final Cut, since they are much more advanced video editing programs. You can export your edited videos in different formats, and you can even create animated GIFs. Final Thoughts Video editing can be very confusing. I recommend learning a bit about the different editing programs available and how they work. I know that once you have a bit of experience, you'll know exactly which programs are right for you, and how to use them. Video editing can be very challenging, but it's a lot of fun too. I hope this article helps you with your video editing!The Israeli army’s activities in the Gaza Strip this month have so far failed to elicit a reciprocal reaction in the form of rockets or terror attacks, a security source told The Jerusalem Post. A Gaza-based source said that the failure of Israel’s campaign – in which thousands of reserve soldiers have been deployed to the Gaza Strip, and dozens of mortar shells were fired at Israel and a number of terrorists were killed – to set back the rocket fire being launched by Hamas was the




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