Gluten free sour doughs...

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Using our Quinoa bread mix it's so easy to make a sourdough that you can use to replace yeast.

Simply add a couple of tablespoons of the mix into a small bowl or jar add some of the water from your 400 g to mix a watery paste, cover and keep in a warm place, look for bubbles, this is a sign that fermentation is taking place. Repeat this process over a few days till you have plenty of bubbles and a yeasty aroma. You can start making your bread. Remember to take out the amount of water you have already used from the 400 g to make the sourdough.

Coming soon our sourdough packs with easy to follow instructions to use with our bread mixes. Blended for you to create a range of flavours and characteristics for your bread making.


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