Hungry Scarecrow

Brilliant, bake-your-own, gluten-free bread and pizza mixes. Filled with sackfuls of ancient-grain flavour, heaps of artisanal flair, and zero nasties. Just add yeast – or baking powder if that’s your thing.

Hungry Scarecrow is for bread enthusiasts. You get all that lovely taste and texture – the crust and the crumb – without the additives designed to boost commercial bakers’ profits. Plus you bake it yourself, just how you like it.

Which is exactly how I like it. I’m Barbara Richardson; I used to be a chef so I know there are better ways to bake proper tasty bread. Which is why I put my heart and soul into Hungry Scarecrow.

At Hungry Scarecrow we pride ourselves on wholesome innovation. Look out for more mixes and products, including gluten-free sourdoughs and gift sets from our one stop shop for all your gluten-free baking needs, available online soon.



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Clear, easy instructions complete with nutritional and ingredient information

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